Banana and Mango Smoothie / Avocado and Cucumber Soup

Making these liquids are extremely easy to do and extremely beneficial in terms of nutritional health consumption.  They are high water dense so they will be easily digestible, that means better assimilation in the body, better optimisation for the body in general.


Are packed with vitamins and minerals, they can act as a small meal in itself because of their rich content 

They can help to stabilise sugar levels because they are balanced with fibre, this helps maintain a healthy blood glucose level

They are rich in potassium which boosts the circulatory system therefore aids in providing vital oxygen to all organs

Potassium-rich foods are also known to reduce the risk of strokes in older women, according to a 2014 study in the American Heart Association journal, Stroke



They have a low glycaemic index, therefore eating mangos in moderation will not increase your blood sugar level.

Can give you better skin because when eaten they cleanse the body

Ripe mangoes are a great source of vitamins C and A as well as copper, three powerful antioxidants and anti-aging nutrients.

Mangoes are great for detoxification they provide alkaline foods that aid the functionality of the body

They act as a mild laxative which is good for excretion

They are low in calories this means you can eat plenty without feeling guilty (natureworld)



They are a nutrient powerhouse they contain Lutein – antioxidant, several vitamins, Potassium, and fibre

Give a healthy dose of omega fatty acids that help fight anti-inflammatory diseases

Eating them can promote healthy cholesterol which in turn aids the heart

It’s stated that they may help to boost memory.  A study in 2009 concurs this (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America)



Another nutrient that is extremely water dense and promotes hydration that aids bodily functions

Also may help with weight loss due to the fact it’s water dense when eating you tend to fill full, so invariably you eat less

They contain vitamin c which helps in to maintain collagen especially in the skin

They also help to rejuvenate eyes not necessary eating them but by adding slices to your eyelids

They act as a diuretic which is good because they can help flush toxins out of the body  

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