We believe that Tarot was popularly used in Italy back in the 15th century, as a card game, there was a tendency to see wealthy patrons, sitting down together dealing out cards. As we progressed to the early 1800s, cards were then used by scholars, where it had evolved and was popular with the higher classes, who would often summon the services of a reader.
In all honesty, the history of Tarot goes as far back to what we may know as to the Egyptian mysteries, hermetic philosophy and kabbala alchemy and even to other mystic systems in Africa which are not that well known, for instance the Adinkra symbols. Tarot has been used for divination inquiry, delving into the metaphysical energies, and people today use this system, just as much as they did in the past, probably even more so now, you can find tarot readers all over the internet, it is easy to find a reader, they are very popular.
Tarot has helped me particularly in my journey, I never thought I could be a reader, I thought it was something that was hereditary, passed down through generation to generation. But haphazardly, I found this not to be so true. I have experimented and delved into it, and had great experiences reading for myself and for others. I have explored this art with great zeal and I’ve thoroughly, thoroughly enjoyed what I have discovered. What I love about Tarot is the many different types of decks and creatives that you can buy. And I have quite a collection now and I’m probably still going to acquire more because they are so beautiful, I love the variety, and each deck unveils something new to me, a different mystery. In a deck there is a total of 78 cards. We have 22 major arcana, and 56 minor arcana. The major, portrays significant influences that are happening in somebody’s life, the specific elements to focus on, that go onto create a story. The minor, are the little elements that help to make up the whole story, the add-ons. They embellish what needs to be told to the person who needs the reading. I love all the cards in the deck, however, one of my favourites, which goes across the range of decks, is the magician. I just loved the way the personality is expressed, and the card touches on the four elements of the four suits. As well as the way the personality in the picture has one arm stretched high and the other below, meaning that you can tap into the higher realms, as well as being in the lower realms and the two are connected. I love the thought of being a magician who can magically create their own destiny, and they have the power to conjure whatever they want. That empowers me to become a creator. So, if you want to explore and delve into the art of Tarot. Why not join me for a session, we can tap into this world, and begin to innerstand what’s really going on in your life. Any kinds of questions or any matter you need an answer to, or to look at a situation from a different perspective, we can do that. So why not contact me, I’d love to hear from you. And we can talk further, I am doing some great deals at the moment so get in touch with me now to find out.