CHEBE The New Wonder Hair Treatment!


Chebe is a traditional powder that is used amongst the African woman of Chad, but can be found in most parts of Africa. It’s made of several ingredients, mainly perfumed leaves and resin. However, the ingredient responsible for its strengthening properties is down to a plant called Lavender Croton that can be found in sandy sparse soils. Chebe is currently being enjoyed by women all over the world and is quickly finding its way to the west, as it is becoming famously know as a product that promotes growth, particularly in 4c hair. 

Chebe is a great example of a sustainable commodity for the Chadian women due to the fact that they produce this product and sell it to internationally, where the profits go directly back to them and they therefore reinsert the funds back into their business.  As the demand increases a reciprocal relationship in is built which can only grow as Chebe becomes more popular.

If you are unaware of the delights of Chebe, please watch Miss Sahel’s video and join the new wave…you will not be disappointed!