The Wonders of Dandelion!


One plant that has major benefits to your health and well-being is Dandelion, its botanical name is Taraxacum officinale which comes from the genus family of plants called Asteraceae, where it splits into different species.

It will greet the morning with its petals open and bid good night with them firmly closed making this wonderful plant extremely receptive to its environment.  Every part of this it can be used for medicinal or even general purposes i.e. dyeing cloth. It also has a trinity element where by it represents the 3 celestial bodies of the sun, moon and stars.  The petals resonate with the glowing sun, the inflorescence central dome the moon and dispersing seeds the stars. 

Fortunately, you can purchase Dandelion in your health food stores as well, but going in search of and discovering this highly nutrient shrub is so much more fun.  Once gathered you can prepare some wholesome tea that will revitalise you and restore your energy instantly. Here I have noted some of the health benefits:

It’s a diuretic so helps with weight loss through urination. Passing a lot of fluids, it can help pass out infections as well.
It’s a nourishes and cleanses the blood
helps with acne or any topical skin reaction that you may be suffering from

It’s packed with vit A, C and K

It acts as a laxative

It can reduce high blood pressure


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