YES/NO Tarot Reading

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I will be offering YES/NO divine messaging as I receive it on the aspect of your life that you want clarity on. Therefore any questions that you need answering, I can provide guidance to help you make your decisons. Tarot is an ancient art that was and still is found in all parts of the world...including Africa which was made known by Napoleon. It is based on archetypal pictures that reflect the human conditions internally and externally revealing the state of the mind. History has taught us that throughout hundreds of years people have consulted with cards in order to gain awareness of what could be the driving force of their circumstances. Even religion has played its part in the evolution of the tarot, hence it can be viewed as a means to venture into the divine for instruction. So sign up for a session as slots are going quick and let me assist you in delving into the subtle but dynamic reasonings of the tarot.

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